Team Formation Rules

UpdatedMonday March 27, 2017 byJenn Porcelli.




In order to develop competitive teams it is important to maintain a level of consistency in a team's roster year over year to develop both individual player skills as well team tactics and team synergies on the field.  


At the same time the club wants to offer new players an equal opportunity to join a travel team or for existing players to move within the club to a more competitive team.  


This tryout structure will enable a coach to retain a core group of players (45% of the team's current players) and open the remaining roster positions (55% of the available team slots) to an independently graded tryout for existing players and new players.  


100% of all players are required to attend a tryout and the selected core players will not be notified of their selection. 


Players scores will be 50% of their tryout score and 50% team trainer rating. 


Coaches will be allowed to protect a core group of players based on the size of their team. These players must be rated the top players by the team trainer. 


On a roster of 15 coaches can protect 7 that must rate in the top 10

On a roster of 13 coaches can protect 6 that must rate in the top 8

On a roster of 11 coaches can protect 5 that must rate in the top 7


Goalie tryouts for ages U11 and up are for informational use - coaches can select a dedicated goalie if they choose to but are not required to.